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APIs for Retailers and Brands

As a retailer or brand looking to utilise KornitX to enable on demand production with our global fulfillment network has access to a range of API’s to facilitate this.

A general end to end solution could be made up of the following components of which parts are optional (please use the navigation to the left for more details on each of these)

Querying Blank Products Using GraphQL

This use of our GraphQL API will allow you to query the KornitX for details on blank products you have access to.

Creating Virtual Products Using GraphQL

This use of our GraphQL API will allow you to target blank products and supply artwork which will be combined to create a ready for sale virtual product.

Create Orders API

When you have taken orders that need to be fulfilled through our platform they can be submitted using our orders API.

Order Status Notifications

Once your orders are in the platform KornitX will be able to notify you of status changes and and shipments.

Checking Stock Levels

When working with fulfillers who maintain accurate stock levels you can query the platform for current values to ensure you are selling items that are available.

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