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APIs for Managed Network Fulfillers

This section of our API Documentation is focused on the needs of fulfillers joining the Kornit X Managed Network.

Our API’s can be used to collect details on what orders have been routed to you and also allow you to update the status of those orders when they are dispatched and provide tracking details for the end user.

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What is the KornitX Managed Network?

The our managed network is a global order routing network on the Kornit X platform where KornitX manage the fulfillers, SLA, Capacity and routing.





Short for “Order Routing Network” which is a network of connected Sales Channels and Fulfillers where orders can be routed based on a set of configurable rules.

The GFN is an Order Routing Network

Managed Network

Is an Order Routing Network within our GFN managed by Kornit to bring together the best products and fulfillers across the globe available easily.


Short for “Global Fulfilment Network”, is broad term for the wider network of fulfillers we have created under the KornitX platform. Any transaction powered by our platform is part of the GFN.

Client / Customer / Fulfiller

The company/party that the solution is being implemented for / with as part of a scoped Project Delivery.

End User

The consumer / person purchasing from the GFN / placing the order

Us / We / Our

Representatives / employees of Kornit X and Kornit Digital


Products in the GFN may have variants against them, variants are created from a set of options within a single product, so a specific t-shirt will have variants for size and colour combinations.


Offset in mm is relative to a position on the Kornit printing pallet that a print should be positioned.


The combination of printed artwork on a blank product is called an impression


The print bed on a kornit printer is known as a pallet, garments are put onto a pallet for printing, these come in various sizes.


QuickP is the RIP software that runs on Kornit printers.


An application programming interface (API) is a way for two or more computer programs to communicate with each other.


AutoCrop is the process that the KornitX platform does to crop artwork to the first pixel of colour and send the coordinates in the filename so that Kornit printers place the art correctly on pallet and save time and fixation.

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