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Product APIs

KornitX has created a number of APIs that can used for product related activities

Each of our APIs in this area have a brief description below but the links to the left side of this page give detail on each

Listing Products GraphQL

The products GraphQL query allows you to pull product information of your choosing, from the KornitX platform, in JSON format.

Create Virtual Products From Artwork GraphQL

The createVirtualProductsFromArtwork GraphQL mutation provides a way to create multiple virtual products, programmatically, in a single API call.

The mutation takes a list of blank product ID’s, one or more artwork URL’s and a target product category ID and creates and returns the details of one or more virtual products.

So a request that has 5 blank product ID’s and 5 artwork URL’s would create and return the details of 25 virtual products.

Smartlinks are a front end personalisation and ordering tool that KornitX provides allowing you to embed them in a iframe within your ecommerce pages. They support both 2D and 3D preview products and are most commonly used when allowing customers to add their own images and text to products for printing.

Smartlink VPC (Virtual Product Creator)

Our VPC works within our Smartlink structure but the output is not a single printjob but one or more virtual products which can then be sold. This frontend tool, in short, allows users to add images and text to products, save them and then provides the required information to sell them and send to us for production.

Stock Retrieval

From a retailers perspective, the stock retrieval API allows them to pull stock values for all of the products, supplied by the fulfillers that they have a dropship connection with. This data could then be used to temporarily disable out-of-stock products on their website, until the items are back in stock.

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